Internal Representation Portraits

Step 1

Watch this video as an introduction to how modern artists portray their identities through their art. Think about ways you can express yourself, your personality, or your interests in defiance to how you appear visually to society.

Step 2

Get inspired! Browse these examples of how artists represent themselves through their work.

Step 3


Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.

Choice of drawing materials

Collage materials


Access to water

large paper (optional)

Washable or watercolor marker




Step 4

Click this video to follow the steps and make some art!

Step 5

We want to see what you made!


Use the hashtag #catchingsummermemories to share on social media.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 11.54.46

Step 6

Upload to our google drive folder with your description and we'll include it on our website!!  Just click the icon to the right to get started!