Passion mapping

Step 1

Get Inspired! Watch this video of National Geographic storyteller Fitz Cahall. Think about what makes you “tick.” If you are not exactly sure, you are in the perfect place to start this art project. Through Passion Mapping, you will learn how making art can teach you new things about yourself. Today, I hope you understand a little more about what you are passionate about!

be sure to turn the sound on

Step 2

Here is one example of passion mapping!

Step 3


Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.

Sketchbook or any Piece of Paper


Glue Stick

Magazines, Newspapers, or Scrap Papers around the House (Have fun with this!)

Step 4

Click play on this video, follow the steps, and have fun making your passion map!

Step 5

Do not forget to post your passion map on social media with the hashtag #catchingsummermemories

OR Upload to our google drive folder with your description and we'll include it on our website!!  Just click the icon below to get started!