Accordian Books

Step 1

Have you ever imagined what your dream world would look like? These kids got to see how an illustrator creates their own imaginary world. And if you make this capsule project you might even see your own imaginary world take shape, too!

Step 2

Check out some fun examples of an accordion book!

Step 3

Watch this video to see one way an actual children’s book illustrator creates his worlds. If you could make your own story come to life with artmaking, what would your story look like?

Step 4


Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.


Glue and/or Tape

Cardboard boxes or other found material for covers

Drawing materials

String (optional)

any other found materials (optional)

Step 5

Watch this video to learn how to make an accordion book.

Step 6

Then watch this video and get creative filling up your very own book!

Step 7

If you are having lots of fun feel free to do as many of these prompts as you want, and of course you can also make up your own prompts!


If you were to design a creature that could protect you, what would it look like?


Design an imaginative landscape where you would want to go to escape.


What objects might you need in your imaginary world?


Create a story where you have a superpower to help the world.

Step 8

Don’t forget to share your accordion books on social media and include in your caption what you made and what excites you about it! Use the hashtag #catchingsummermories to show off your awesome project.

OR Upload to google photos using the link below