Imaginary Rainforest Animals

Step 1

Get inspired!​ The first video will get you thinking about animals and their environment.The second video will get you inspired to use their imagination to create their very ownimaginary creature.


Step 2

Get inspired! Check out these projects that others have made.

imaginary animals 2
imaginary animals2
imaginary animals 3
imaginary animals

Step 3


Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.

Construction Paper

Glue (sticks are easiest but any will work)

Drawing Materials

Watercolor or Ink


Paint Brushes

Step 4

Watch this tutorial and create your own stickers!

Step 5

Ask yourself these questions  and keep adding to your animal!


What is the name of your animal? Try researching a little about how scientist name animals (click the arrow to learn more)


What does your imaginary animal eat? Is it a herbivore or a carnivore? Does it only eat candy? How does it's diet change how it looks?


Where does the animal live?  In trees?  Underground? How does it's habitat change what it looks like?


Are there a lot of these animals? Or are they endangered? Is there only 1 left? Maybe they went extinct like the dinosaurs.

Step 5

We want to see what you made!


Use the hashtag #catchingsummermemories to share on social media.


Upload to our google drive folder with your description and we'll include it on our website!!  Just click the icon to the right to get started!