Complimentary Portraits

Step 1

Spend a moment reflecting on these questions.


Step 2

These photos are from a high schooler’s social experiment capturing classmates' reactions tobeing called beautiful. You can watch the full video using the link below, but there is a ​language warning@1:40-2:05 and 2:39-2:41​

The same student did a powerful follow-up video complimenting strangers in New York City

Step 3



Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.

Step 4

Camera (a cellphone camera is perfectly fine!)

Family member(s)



I Love...

Take a photo of a member of your family. Then tell them something you love about themand try to capture their reaction.


Ask a family member to put on their favorite outfit, something that makes them feel mostlike themselves, comfortable. Take their photo. Then pick out YOUR favorite outfit oftheirs and take their photo. Explain to them why you chose it. Is it tied to a specificmemory? Is it soft when you hug them?

Group photo...

Each family member decides on a group theme (ex: all red clothing, all in sweatpants, allin fancy clothes)  for a photo and then shares their favorite thing about their family

I see you...

Document a family member doing something you appreciate. Try to think of the littleactions that might go unnoticed. Do you love your moms cooking? Does an older brotheror sister read to you? Does a younger sibling love to play with you? After you documentit, share why with that person.

Step 6

Check out these examples, just click on each one to see what the prompt was!

Step 7

Did you learn anything about your family? Could you see how compliments and encouragement affected your family? If you did prompt two, do you see yourself any differently? Share your work with us!

Use the hashtag #catchingsummermemories to share on social media.



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