Collaged Safe Spaces

Step 1

Check out this video on Corey Pemberton and get inspired to create your own collaged space!

be sure to turn the sound on

Step 2

Here is some of Pemberton’s work and some other examples of what this project could look like.

Step 4


Gather your materials and get ready to get creative.

1 sheet of paper (thicker paper like watercolor paper would be best, but any paper will do)



Glue stick or glue bottle


Paint and brushes (acrylic or latex works best)

Step 5

Watch this video to learn how to make an accordion book.

Step 6

If you are interested in other artists working with collage check out this video of Jacob Intilé!

Step 8

Don’t forget to share your accordion books on social media and include in your caption what you made and what excites you about it! Use the hashtag #catchingsummermories to show off your awesome project.

OR Upload to google photos using the link below